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Get your CSCS card for working on UK construction sites by booking the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test online. It’s commonly called the touch screen test and is valid for 2 years. 

Below are the test types that candidates should take based on the CSCS card they wish to obtain: 

  • Red Provisional/ Red Trainee/Industry Placement/ Labourer Card: Any CITB Test 
  • Blue Skilled/Gold Advanced Craft/Red Technical, Supervisor or Manager/Red Experienced Worker Card: Relevant CITB test based on the candidate’s qualification and trade. 
  • Gold Supervisor Card: CITB Specialist Supervisory (SUP) Test. 
  • Black Manager/White Academically Qualified/White Professionally Qualified Person Card: CITB Managers and Professional (MAP) Test. 

Secure your success with the CITB Test booking at just £42, encompassing the examination fee, booking fee, and VAT charges. We want to make things easy for you. If you need to reschedule your test, just let us know at least 3 days before the exam, and it won’t cost you anything. Take advantage of our free access to excellent study materials, and improve your chances of doing well on the 45-minute, 50- question multiple-choice test. Don’t wait, book now and unlock your full potential – book now! 

Embark on your journey to obtain the coveted CSCS Card by successfully completing the CITB Health, Safety, and Awareness test. A crucial step to remember: arrive 15 minutes early on the test date, armed with valid identification such as your UK Driving License or Passport. However, worry not if you lack such ID, as we offer a waiver form after proper authorization.

Our service offers a seamless and user-friendly experience without the need for login. Enjoy free test rescheduling, dedicated support from our agents via email, and a cancellation date finder for expedited processing. 

For better preparation, order revision material or a CITB Book by reaching our customer support team at 020328776756 or

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