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Introduction: If you are looking to work in the construction industry in the UK, having a CSCS card for skilled work is necessary. It symbolifies your knowledge and safety while working in the construction industry. Let’s break it down in easy terms.

Understanding the importance: Before we discuss the cost, let’s quickly understand why this card is needed for construction workers. It proves you’re aware of safety rules in construction, which can help you secure better jobs with good income and shows employers you’re serious about safety. The CSCS card helps in getting a higher pay scale by obtaining knowledge and skills. Without the card, you can’t even enter the construction industry; obtaining this card can lead to success in the lives of construction workers.

Let’s break down the costs: So, how much do you need to shell out for this card?

We need to understand the importance and benefits of this card.

Before starting skilled work in the construction industry, you must have the CSCS card. Now, let’s see how we can obtain the CSCS blue card and the cost.

  1. CITB Test fee: This test is 45 minutes long and has 50 questions, in which you need to answer 45 correctly. It is a touchscreen test, and we have test centers available all across the UK so you will be booked to your nearest test center, according to your preference, be assured. The CITB test is mandatory for all the CSCS cards. Tests may vary according to your skill, occupation, and qualifications. The most common and basic test type is Operatives Test. Let’s understand some examples and required CITB tests.
    ✓ CITB Operatives Test (Basic Test) covers most trades for the CSCS blue cards; Formwork, Bricklayers, Carpentry & Joinery, Bench Joinery, Painters & Decorators, Ground Workers, Dry Liners, Floorers, Solid Plastering, Stone Fixers, structural steelwork erector, Fitted Furniture Installer, Fabrication and welding, Fitted Interiors, etc.
    ✓CITB Specialist Highway Works Health, safety and environment test:
    This test mainly covers the occupation: General Highways Maintenance,Highway Maintenance Operative Natural Stone, Highways Maintenance Concreting, Highways Maintenance Drainage, Highways Maintenance Drainage & Ducting, Highways Maintenance Excavation, Highways Maintenance Operative Non Structural Concreting, Highways Maintenance Kerbs & Channels, etc.
    ✓ CITB Specialist Lifts and Escalators Health, safety and environment test:
    This specialist test is compulsory for those people who are working or seeking to work in construction and have Qualification and knowledge to work safely in skilled field, this test may cover the occupation; Lift Installer, Lift Maintenance Fitter, Lift Refurbishment (non-Mechanical) Operative, Lift/escalator Tester, Lifting Equipment Engineer, etc.
    ✓ CITB Specialist Work at Height Health, safety and environment test:
    This test specialist is designed for people for their knowledge to work at height in construction.
    This test basically gains your knowledge and skills towards height, like ceiling, roofing, cladding, let’s understand some examples of the occupation may cover this test, i.e.; Ceiling Fixing, Ceiling Hoists Shower/bath Product Installer, Stretched Ceiling Installer, Suspended Ceiling & Partitioning Installer, Suspended Ceiling Installer, Liquid Waterproofing Operative, Structural Waterproofing & Concrete Repairer, Structural Waterproofing Operative, Structural Waterproofing Surveyor, Waterproofing Materials Operative. Specialist Cladding & Rainscreen Operative, Specialist Cladding Installer, Stone Cladding Installer, Timber Decking & Cladding Installer, etc.

Checked which test you need to take? Book the CITB Test using this link. Alternatively, call us at 02081332576 to this test over the phone.

CITB test is mandatory for all CSCS cards but one needs to understand which CITB test is fit for your occupation.

The CITB test will cost you £22.50. All in all, you need to pay £42 for CITB Test , test booking fee and administration charges. The CITB Test is valid for 2 years. By booking with us, you will get free revision material and practice sets to improve your skill and knowledge. If you want to book this service, you can call us at 02081332576 or visit our website to book by yourself.

  1. NVQ/SVQ Level 2 Qualification fee:
    This NVQ/SVQ qualification is mandatory to obtain a CSCS blue skilled worker’s card. There are many types of construction occupations covered by CSCS blue skilled worker’s cards and various types of categories of work depend on the qualification fee. If you want to obtain this qualification for your CSCS card, please contact us at 02081332576 for your NVQ training. This is a mandatory and lifetime qualification for the card. NVQ training qualification starts from £600 + VAT onwards, depending on the occupation qualification you want to book.
  2. Card Application Fee: Once you pass the test and have the above mentioned NVQ/SVQ qualification, you need to apply for the card. This will cost you £36 + VAT, processing fee, administration charge, and delivery charge. So, you will have to pay £60 for the CSCS blue card. Your qualifications will be written on the backside of your card. The validity of the blue card is 5 years, and after getting this card, you can earn more.
  3. Extra Expenses: Sometimes, you might need to pay extra for your CSCS card if you have qualifications from outside of the UK. You may convert your qualification from UK NARIC to get the CSCS cards. Most qualifications may have to convert for the CSCS white, blue, gold, and black. Convert qualification is not applicable for the CSCS green and red cards.
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