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CSCS Cards signify the type of construction work one can do, varying cards denote different roles.

The CSCS card is majorly used in the UK and is a mandatory requirement for individuals working in the construction industry. There are various types of CSCS card schemes that indicate different work categories. For instance, if you are a labourer, you will need a specific CSCS card for your work. Similarly, individuals in managerial roles or working as electricians also require CSCS cards. The CSCS card, aside from being a compulsory requirement, functions as a qualification card, rendering it indispensable for individuals engaged in the construction industry.

CSCS cards showcase the qualifications one has acquired, and these credentials are detailed on the card. Consequently, the CSCS card not only denotes the essential prerequisites for working on construction sites but also furnishes a comprehensive record of the qualifications obtained by the cardholder. Essentially, the CSCS card is a crucial requirement for those currently employed or considering a career in the construction industry. Here is an overview of the different types of CSCS cards available.



To work on construction sites in the UK, you often need a CSCS card to prove your qualifications (Level 1 Award/ Health And Safety Awareness) and the CITB test. To get a CSCS Green Labourer Card, you have to take the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment touch screen test (known as the CITB touch screen test). This test is multiple choice, takes 45 minutes, and must be done in person at the test center. The Labourer card is valid for five years and can’t be renewed. Instead, you need to apply for a new Labourer card when your current one expires.

Applicant applying must pass the CITB health, safety, and environment test and have one of the following qualifications:

1. Award In Health And Safety In A Construction Environment At Scqf Level 4 (Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA),

2. Level 1 Award Certificate In Health And Safety In A Construction Environment.

3. The NOCN/CSkills Awards Construction Health and Safety.

level 1 Award qualification is a lifetime for the green CSCS card. However the green card cannot be renewed. If you have done the level 1 health and safety award qualification, you’ll need to show it again when obtaining a CSCS green card. If you’ve completed the one-day awareness course or any other health and safety course, you’ll need to do the same course again to get a CSCS green card because course qualifications are valid for only five years. So one course is valid for obtaining a one CSCS green card.


The CSCS Blue Skilled Worker card is specifically designed for professionals in various construction roles such as carpenters, ground workers, steel fixers, cladding workers, painters and decorators, formwork, and highway maintenance who has the NVQ/SVQ Level 2 qualification.

If an applicant currently holds a CSCS Blue Skilled Worker card with an upcoming expiration within the next six months, they can apply for a renewal without additional qualifications. However, they must retake the CITB test, a mandatory requirement for obtaining any CSCS card. The CITB test must have been successfully passed within the last two years.

Specialist CITB Tests:
The content of the CITB test is tailored to an individual’s qualifications and occupation. Various specialist CITB tests cater to specific roles, like the Working at Height test for cladding workers. This ensures that the test assesses knowledge relevant to the specific job, such as safety protocols and potential hazards for working at heights. Similarly, occupations related to highway work have a specialized CITB test focusing on knowledge specific to that field.

Validity and Renewal Process:
The Blue Skilled Worker Card is valid for five years, and applicants must have passed the relevant CITB test within the last two years. Renewal can be done six months before the card expires and up to six months after the expiration date printed on the card. This ensures a seamless process for qualified professionals to maintain their CSCS Blue Skilled Worker status.

Introduction to the Gold Skilled Worker and Supervisor Cards:

The CSCS Gold card is specifically designated for individuals holding an NVQ Level 3 qualification, with the card color corresponding to the achieved qualification level. This card is available for various trades, including wood occupation, painting and decorating, steel fixing, form working, and supervision.

To qualify for the Gold Skilled Worker card, applicants must have completed an NVQ Level 3 in the relevant trade and passed the CITB Test specific to their occupation. This card is also available for those who achieved a Construction Related NVQ/SVQ Level 3 or SVQ at SCQF Level 6, completed an approved apprenticeship, or finished an employer-sponsored apprenticeship that included obtaining a City and Guilds of London Institute Advanced Craft Certificate

For the Gold Supervisor card, applicants need to hold an NVQ Level 3 qualification in supervision and pass the specialist CITB test designed for supervisory roles. This test assesses knowledge and safety practices relevant to a supervisory position.

CITB Tests and Specialized Knowledge:
CITB tests for specialist occupations are tailored to the specific knowledge required for each role. For instance, the supervisory test is crafted for supervisors, reflecting the specialized knowledge and safety considerations in different work roles.

Validity and Renewal Process:
Both the Gold Skilled Worker and Supervisor cards are valid for five years. Applicants must have passed the CITB test within the last two years at the relevant level for the occupation they’re applying for. Renewal can be done six months before the card expires and up to six months after the printed expiration date, ensuring a smooth process for maintaining CSCS Gold status.


The CSCS Red Provisional card is tailored for individuals seeking to work on construction sites without the requisite qualifications. It serves as a temporary solution, valid for only six months and obtainable once in a lifetime. To acquire this card, individuals need to successfully pass any CITB test, including the CITB JIB test or Operative test.

The CSCS Red Apprentice card requires applicants to complete the Enrolment Evidence Form with necessary information. Proof of apprenticeship and a passed CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test are essential. Accepted evidence includes letters or emails from the Managing Agency or apprenticeship training provider, as well as the Apprenticeship Agreement

For those progressing towards a construction-related qualification, the CSCS Red Trainee card is applicable. This card is valid for five years and cannot be renewed. Applicants must provide proof of registration from their University, Professional Body, or awarding body, showcasing full name, course title, and level.


It is a five-year CSCS card designed for managers working in managerial professional roles. This card is required for their job responsibilities, and the applicant’s qualifications are listed on the back of the card. Essentially, it is a higher-level card that necessitates passing the MAP (Managers and Professionals) CITB Test, along with having qualifications of NVQ Level 4 or above.

To obtain a CSCS Black Manager Card, you must have one of the qualifications listed below accompanied with CITB HS&E test for Managers and Professionals:

  1. Earning a significant qualification in Construction Management or a related technical field, such as NVQ/SVQ Level 4,5,6, or 7. 
  2. Achieving a Construction Management/Technical qualification at SCQF Level

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